Check out all the angles of the new AlphaTauri AT04 livery

Jamie Woodhouse
Side image of AlphaTauri AT04.

Side image of the AlphaTauri AT04.

AlphaTauri are back for F1 2023 with their latest challenger, the AT04, and for looks it is getting a mixed reception at best.

Since the rebranding of Red Bull’s sister team that saw Toro Rosso become AlphaTauri, the colour scheme of choice has been a dark blue and white combination which has consistently gone down well with fans.

But, with the arrival of Orlen as a new partner on a multi-year deal, it was expected that their red would create a twist for the livery of the AT04, and that is exactly what has happened.

Adding a new layer of colour to the AT04, the splash of red is not winning every fan over online, but is sure to make the AT04 a little more vibrant when it is out there on the track.

So, let’s take a more detailed look around the livery of AlphaTauri’s F1 2023 challenger, the AT04.

Looking front-on it is easy to spot the red highlights now housed around the AT04 livery, including the wheel arches, Halo and rear wing, with Orlen’s branding around the floor, Halo, wing mirrors and on the rear wing. The Orlen logo also appears on the front nose cone.

Speaking of the front nose, AlphaTauri here have decided to go with white as opposed to the AT03 which had a predominantly dark blue nose.

AlphaTauri AT04 studio shot front.
AlphaTauri AT04 studio shot facing front on.

A look at the side of the AT04 further shows off the Orlen branding on the floor, while we also get a clear look at those striking new wheel covers, sporting that red in the centre. They get a big thumbs up from us!

We also see the AlphaTauri logo emblazed down the side of the AT04, as has become standard with the AlphaTauri challengers.

AlphaTauri AT04 side angle.
AlphaTauri AT04 pictured from the side.

A closer look at the outside edge of the front wing also shows off what is a big advertising space, one near identical to 2022, for Flex Box, who came onboard as a new global partner for AlphaTauri in the early stages of 2022.

Epicor continue to see their branding featured on the inside of the rear wing.


AlphaTauri AT04 studio shot front.
AlphaTauri AT04 studio shot from a front-low angle. recommends

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The AT04 certainly looks at its best when viewing from ground level, this view of what the helicopter is likely to see not the most flattering of angles!

AlphaTauri AT04 image from above.
AlphaTauri AT04 studio image shot from above.

So, we now know what colours and patterns the AT04 will sport, with all eyes soon to be on Bahrain, where the pre-season test will take place between February 23-25.

Teams will then have all of their innovations in place in time for the season-opener at the same venue on the following weekend.