AlphaTauri ‘working hard’ to reach budget cap level

Jamie Woodhouse
AlphaTauri AT02

AlphaTauri working hard to reach budget cap level.

AlphaTauri technical director Jody Egginton has said his team are “working hard” to reach budget cap level.

For 2021, teams are capped at spending $145m across the season, minus certain exceptions – a move which restricted the traditional three biggest spenders in Formula 1, they being Mercedes, Ferrari and AlphaTauri’s sister team, Red Bull.

So while the budget for those three teams had to come down, for others like AlphaTauri it gave them a value to aim at.

But while Egginton suggested AlphaTauri were now spending at budget cap level, he did say that with a figure to aim at, it creates a challenge to maximise every euro they spend and push for that number.


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Asked by if they had upped their spending to reach the budget cap, Egginton replied: “I think everyone wants to maximise everything they’ve got. Our challenge is to make sure what we’ve got [works] and we push the commercial guys [and] they are working as hard as they can to get us to that point.

“It’s how you spend it. You’ve got a number now, you’ve got to use it properly, you’ve got to use it sensibly and get the most out of it. So we’ve a plan of how we want to develop the car.

“But like everything else, you react to the situation. If we find something that tells us we want to do something different, we’ll do it. The key point is you’ve got to maximise that spend.

“So we’ve got the 2022 car, we are focused on that this year as well. It’s a little bit different because there’s a lot of homework to be done there and you have to allocate budget to it. So ’22 to ’23 will be different – you’ll be focused on one project and back into a normal development cycle.

“For this year, it’s a little bit different. We’re very focused on getting the maximum out of the budget and the fact we’ve got a budget cap, we are really focused on making sure every euro we spend is spent in the right area and we are minimising any mistakes or inefficiencies. So every team is focused on that, I’m sure.

“The more money we have in the pot, we still have to make sure we spend it as best we can really. But the position we are in, anything we get we will try to make better use of.”

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