AlphaTauri address legality concerns as they move ‘closer to Red Bull design’

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A close-up shot of the AlphaTauri nose cone.

AlphaTauri will have a new title sponsor in 2024

Amidst rumours AlphaTauri could run an RB19 next season, the team’s CEO Peter Bayer says they will take “everything” possible from Red Bull as they look to challenge for a top position in the midfield.

After last year’s struggles with the new ground-effect aerodynamic cars, AlphaTauri had hoped to improve this season but they’ve instead tumbled further back.

It had out-going team boss Franz Tost saying earlier this year that he no longer trusted his engineers as they told him they were making “good progress”, but there is no sign of that in the “lap time because this is the only thing that counts”.

AlphaTauri AT05 will be ‘closer to Red Bull in terms of design’

With just three points on the board in 13 races, it’s not only Tost who has criticised the team but also Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, who said “own designs are the wrong way to go” and that in the future AlphaTauri’s car will be more like Red Bull’s car.

“The orientation is clear: follow Red Bull Racing as far as the regulations allow,” he added.

The team’s new CEO Bayer has reiterated that.

“In the future, we will get everything that is permitted by the regulations from Red Bull Racing, and [we] will of course also come closer to Red Bull in terms of car design,” Bayer told Sky Sports.

The earlier comment from Marko had Le Mans winner Richard Bradley suggesting Red Bull could try to find a “loophole” in the regulations “whereby they can get away with giving it [the RB19] to AlphaTauri purely because they literally own and fund the team.”

As Bayer says, while they are Red Bull’s training ground for young drivers, “we’d rather do that in the front midfield than at the back end like today.”

“Italy will of course remain as our headquarters,” he added as per Motorsport-Total. “Everything that is currently happening in Italy, production, personnel development, finances, will remain in Italy.”

They will, however, expand operations in England as that’s where Red Bull are based.

“We already have a small location in Bicester. And the current plan is actually that we move the aerodynamics design team to Milton Keynes […] to simply dock there as well,” he added. recommends

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He, however, made it clear to Autosport recently that Red Bull and AlphaTauri will ensure nothing “illegal” is shared between the two teams.

“It’s about the Chinese walls you build in between,” he said. “Look at Haas and Ferrari, for example.

“I guess Laurent [Mekies] and I bring that experience to the table – ‘Guys, we definitely don’t want to do something illegal, but we also know that certain things can be done, because we see it happening left and right.'”

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