AlphaTauri begin to tease AT04 ahead of special New York City launch

Sam Cooper
AlphaTauri wheel cover.

AlphaTauri wheel cover.

AlphaTauri have teased their upcoming car reveal by showing off their 2023 wheel covers featuring a striking new design.

After the RB19 was revealed to the world in New York City last week, sister outfit AlphaTauri are set to do the same this weekend in a show that coincides with the New York Fashion Week.

AlphaTauri, which is also the name of Red Bull’s fashion brand founded in 2016, have teased their upcoming unveiling by showing the new wheel covers to the world.

It is quite the departure from 2022 with AlphaTauri previously running a blank wheel cover as the parts made a return following the move to 18″ wheels.

The 2023 wheels have a red centre with white shapes sprouting off it and could be part of a new sponsorship such as McLaren’s with Google.

The Italian outfit recently announced former Alfa partner Orlen had become the team’s new principal sponsor and the Polish oil refiner’s company colour is red.

2023 is a season change for AlphaTauri as they line up as the most inexperienced team on the grid with Pierre Gasly heading out the door. In his place comes the 28-year-old Nyck de Vries who has competed in just one Formula 1 race to date while Yuki Tsunoda is heading into his third season in the competition.

Despite De Vries’ relatively old age for an F1 rookie he has been backed to succeed by former driver Gerhard Berger who said he would have bet money that the Dutchman would have walked straight into F1.

“I would have lost all my bets there,” the 63-year-old told Auto Motor und Sport.

“He was burned. But he was super talented and technically very good.”

“[I believe he will] really make an impact in the Red Bull pool and become a top driver in the future.”

As to who will be the team leader between Tsunoda and De Vries, it is clear that is still up for grabs and the latter believes experience is not always the determining factor.

“I don’t think you necessarily need F1 experience to be a leader, that comes with character, personality and how you are.

“Even though I might not have done a season, I still know what I think I need from the car, the package and the people around me to achieve together. I’m confident about that.”

Image courtesy of AlphaTauri on Twitter.