Alpine in position to ‘gain a lot of ground’ in 2022

Ben Johnston
Esteban Ocon exits an Alpine mule car in Abu Dhabi. December 2021.

Esteban Ocon exits an Alpine mule car surrounded by his crew in Abu Dhabi. December 2021.

The Alpine Formula 1 team believes that they are in a position to “gain a lot of ground” in 2022, according to CEO Laurent Rossi.

The Enstone-based outfit had a breakthrough 2021 Formula 1 season which saw Esteban Ocon claim his maiden Grand Prix victory in Hungary and Rossi believes that the sacrifices the team made in 2021 will ultimately benefit them over the course of the 2022 campaign.

“We haven’t improved the car that much,” Rossi underlined in an interview with the French edition of

“The car is what it is. And this single-seater has suffered more and more over the years, because the slightest change in the regulations turned out to be quite harmful given the philosophy of the car.

“For [2021] we knew it was going to be tough in Bahrain, we knew it was going to be a slow car, even though it’s relative. And we knew we were going to stop development after Baku.”

The Alpine F1 team has gone through some restructuring of personnel in recent weeks following the departure of Marcin Budkowski , while the team also confirmed this week that four-time Formula 1 World Champion and Alpine advisor Alain Prost, who had been with the outfit since 2017 has left his position.

The changes in the management structure at the team isn’t the only thing that is new heading into the 2022 season, as the outfit will be working with a brand new specification engine from Renault.

When asked about this, Rossi said: “There’s not a lot of nervousness, because we’re in a position to gain a lot of ground. There’s a lot of positives for us. Of course we can do worse than this year, but I doubt it.

“I think we have good development on the engine side – different [development], which was necessary – good development on the power side. car. We are sticking to the program we have set ourselves for the start of the year.”



Rossi believes that the new specification engine from Renault will bring Alpine closer to the other teams in terms of the performance of the car.

“And that brings us closer, maybe not to the level of the top teams, but we don’t know,” Rossi concluded.

“Because we assume that if we gain so many aero points, kilowatts and electrical energy deployment, we will reduce the gap between the best and us, assuming that the best will continue to improve.”

The Enstone-based outfit have been teasing the fire-up of their 2022 car this week.