Alpine open to speaking with Andretti about a PU deal

Michelle Foster
Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi in the paddock. Bahrain, March 2021.

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi walking in the Formula 1 paddock. Bahrain, March 2021.

With Andretti Global seeking a spot on the 2024 F1 grid, Alpine are open to supplying the American team with engines but Laurent Rossi says today it would be “impossible”.

Having failed in his bid to buy Sauber, run under the Alfa Romeo brand, Michael Andretti is said to want to enter Formula 1 with a brand new team, Andretti Global.

According to his father, Mario, Andretti has applied to be part of the Formula 1 grid from the 2024 season onwards.

“Michael has applied to the FIA to field a new F1 team starting in 2024,” Mario said. “His entry, Andretti Global, has the resources and checks every box.

“He is awaiting the FIA’s determination.”

He later told Andretti already had a “good arrangement for an engine supplier, so all of that would come once this could be announced, officially; all of these things will be told.

“He’s further along [in the process] than a lot of people think and time is of the essence, as you can imagine.”

However, did not name the engine supplier nor give any hint as to who it may be.

Alpine have thrown their name into the hat, but only down the line.

The team, formerly Renault, does not have an engine customer for their Renault power units, the only engine manufacturer supplying just one team.

Renault have spoken in the past about the benefits of having a customer, not only because it means four engines to do the development work but also because it opens doors for a semi B-team.

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi says he is open to working with Andretti, but admits right now it would be “impossible” as he wants the Enstone team’s full focus to be on its own team.

But with Andretti only on the grid in 2024, if even then, Rossi says they can have the conversation.

“We are always happy to have new teams in the sport,” he told RACER. “It’s good for the sport, it might be good for us. We’ll see.

“If they ask us and we are geared and structured this way, perhaps we would be open (to helping Andretti). For now, it’s impossible.

“I wanted to focus the team on itself to improve the performance. It was good enough last year but it wasn’t great, let’s be honest – that’s my role to be lucid about that.


“Let’s make sure the team is growing and getting where it needs to be, because it’s a distraction in a way if you are not equipped for us. It could cost us a lot if you are not ready for it.”

Alpine finished last season P5 in the Constructors’ Championship with Esteban Ocon taking the team’s only win, P1 at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso added a second podium finish to their tally, P3 in Qatar.