Alpine boss threatens ‘consequences’ over Esteban Ocon attack on Pierre Gasly

Thomas Maher
Bruno Famin, Alpine, 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

Bruno Famin has threatened consequences for Alpine's Esteban Ocon following his clash with Pierre Gasly in Monaco.

Esteban Ocon’s first-lap lunge on Pierre Gasly has infuriated Alpine boss Bruno Famin, to the point of threatening consequences.

Ocon dived up the inside of Gasly at Portier on the first lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, resulting in a hefty collision that eliminated Ocon from the race as his car was thrown into the air.

Esteban Ocon eliminated from Monaco Grand Prix

The French driver, who started from 11th on the grid, directly behind Gasly, saw a small gap at the right-hand Portier corner and threw his car up the inside of the sister Alpine car.

Negotiating the corner, Gasly ran out of room on the outside and Ocon’s left-rear tyre hit Gasly’s right front – his car was thrown into the air and landed heavily with suspension damage, eliminating him from the race despite the red flags being shown moments later for the scary crash involving Sergio Perez and the two Haas drivers.

Ocon was investigated and given the blame for the incident by the FIA stewards and was given a 10-second time penalty. His penalty was converted to a five-place grid drop for the Canadian Grand Prix, due to him being retired from the race.

With one Alpine out as a result of the incident, Alpine boss Bruno Famin gave a terse interview to French TV channel Canal+ in which he hinted there could be consequences for Ocon’s brashness.

“It’s sad to see this kind of incident,” he told Canal+.

“It’s exactly what we didn’t want to see. Esteban’s attack was totally out of circumstances.

“It was exactly what we didn’t want to see and we’re going to draw the consequences. We’re going to make a tough decision.

“If we were fighting for a podium finish at the end of the race, why not, and still… But there, on the first lap, at Le Portier, frankly, it wasn’t the place to make an attack, leaving zero room for his teammate.”

Ocon tweeted an apology for the incident, saying: “Today’s incident was my fault, the gap was too small in the end and I apologise to the team on this one. Hoping for a deserved points-finish for the team today.”

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Speaking to media, including, following his retirement, Ocon confirmed his back was OK following the hard landing and that he regretted the incident.

“We review everything for sure, and we try and do better for the next one,” he said.

Explaining that it was his gearbox that had taken the most damage, likely taking him out of the race even if he’d managed to get back to the pits at the red flag, Ocon also confirmed he was yet to speak to Famin about the incident but he’d misjudged the lunge on his teammate.

“You have to take care but, at the same time, we are doing 120 percent to be trying to get inside the top 10, for me, for Pierre. We saw it yesterday, we pushed to the limit a lot in qualifying. Mistakes happen. That’s it.”

Ocon’s contract with Alpine comes to an end at the conclusion of the 2024 F1 season, with the French driver recently at pains to point out his Mercedes association as he has been linked with the vacant cockpit at Mercedes.

Alpine’s reserve driver is Australian driver Jack Doohan, while the team also has Mick Schumacher in its ranks – the German driver still holds a valid F1 super licence, and has remained a possibility for an F1 seat.

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