Alpine make team principal decision with continuity preferred for 2024

Sam Cooper
The Alpine logo during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Alpine could have a part to play in F1's musical chairs.

Alpine will not be searching for a new team principal after deciding that interim boss Bruno Famin will stay in the role for the 2024 season.

The French outfit opted for a drastic move ahead of the 2023 summer break when Otmar Szafnauer lost his job after just 16 months in the role having failed to agree on a timeline for the team’s recovery.

In the interim, vice president of Alpine Motorsport Famin stepped in but Alpine have opted to stick with that arrangement into next season.

Bruno Famin to stay in Alpine role for 2024 season

Famin has had quite the year at Alpine having started it as head of their power unit production in Viry-Châtillon and ending it as one of the most senior figures in the team.

But under him, Alpine’s form has picked up with Pierre Gasly finishing P11 and Esteban Ocon in 12th.

Their P6 finish however is not where the team plans to be long term and although the status of their 100-race plan is unclear, there at least will be some continuity going into 2024.

Alpine confirmed to that Famin will continue as vice president of their motorsports division and also continue to assume the role of team principal.

It does leave Famin in the unusual situation of being his own boss but he recently said that if the Renault higher ups were unhappy with his work, he was sure he would hear about it. recommends

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“It’s not my P1 task, to be honest,” Famin said of the search for a new team boss according to RACER. “The P1 task was making the people working together.


“I am not a big fan of changing the organisation for changing the organisation. Because if you can change an organisation in the way you want, as many times in the way you want, if the people don’t want to work together, it will never work.

“Then the point is more to find how to get the people working well together, to extract the best performance out of everyone, of the global team. That’s really the point. As far as I’m concerned about being team principal, I’m quite happy with the position. As far as my boss is not telling me to change, I will remain.”

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