Alpine reveal what key Mercedes engine figure will bring after Viry arrival

Sam Cooper
Alpine's Bruno Famin

Bruno Famin weighs in on Andretti's F1 bid.

Alpine interim boss Bruno Famin believes new engine head Eric Meignan will bring the team a boost as they look to move further up the field.

Meignan brings a wealth of experience having headed up the power unit operation at both Mercedes and Ferrari and with his move to Renault, he occupies the job that once belonged to Famin.

But Meignan has his work cut out for him with the Renault PU known to be down on performance compared to the other three suppliers.

Bruno Famin explains effect of Eric Meignan arrival

Otmar Szafnauer was still in charge when the first rumblings of an underperforming Renault power unit were made public and those rumours were confirmed when the topic of engine equalisation was on the F1 Commission agenda in August.

With rivals suggesting some flexibility in order to bring the power unit up to speed, Meignan will now oversee how to do that with the Renault power unit in just once car on the grid this year, the team’s own Alpine.

As for Meignan’s arrival, Famin said he was coming in to “challenge our guys” at the the team’s vase in Viry-Châtillon.

“We’re very happy to welcome Eric in Viry and I think he will bring a lot because he’s a long experienced guy in Formula 1,” Famin said. recommends

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“And I think he will challenge, he will challenge our team. He’s coming at the right time to challenge our guys for preparing better the 2026 PU generation and I’m very confident that he will make a very good job with all the guys in Viry. He has started already and I think he will very quickly be operational.”

As for how Meignan’s arrival affects Famin’s job, the Frenchman believes it will give him more time to focus on the job of interim team boss.

“For sure. I have quite a lot to focus on,” Famin said of his own role and how Meignan will help.

“It will be a strong support on the technical side. We have good technical guys in Viry already but I think to have a full-time, on-site technical director will really help everybody.”

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