Alpine fire up all-new 2022 challenger and engine

Jamie Woodhouse
Alpine brabding on show. Poland, July 2021.

Alpine branding seen during Gran Turismo Polonia. Poland, July 2021.

Alpine are progressing nicely ahead of the 2022 season, releasing audio of their new car and engine roaring into life for the first time.

With brand new regulations introduced for the upcoming Formula 1 campaign, teams are intent on taking this as an opportunity to push their way up the pecking order.

Of the midfield outfits, Ferrari and McLaren appear best-placed to make that step from the front of the midfield to contending for wins and maybe titles, but Alpine also are very much a team to watch.

Finishing P5 in the 2021 Constructors’ Championship, Alpine come into the 2022 season like all teams with a completely new challenger, designed to the updated regulations, but Renault have also provided them with a completely new engine, their previous unit having not been developed over the past two years.

So while the team have afforded themselves until 2024 to be chasing wins and championships, with a strong driver line-up of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon in place for a second season, a much improved season in 2022 is certainly possible.

Key to that will of course be the chassis and engine taking a big step, and Alpine have now merged both to ignite their A522 challenger for the first time.

The accompanying caption read: “Heralding a new era of Alpine innovation and progress. Pushing the boundaries of F1 technology.

“Showcasing the collaborative spirit between Enstone [chassis base] and Viry [engine].

“This is the birth of the A522. This is our very first 2022 fire-up.”


Alpine have also been busy behind the scenes with work on their staff force. Alain Prost has left his position as non-executive director, while executive director Marcin Budkowski has also made his exit.

Former Aston Martin principal Otmar Szafnauer is expected to arrive and fulfill a similar role to that of Budkowski, bringing with him Austrian water treatment firm BWT, who were title sponsor for the Force India and Racing Point teams under Szafnauer.

They remained with Racing Point as they transitioned into Aston Martin, but their iconic pink livery was no more, with just traces of pink found on the predominantly green AMR21.

It is expected that BWT will bring the pink back as part of a link-up with Alpine, and though nothing has yet been announced, it can not be overlooked that Alpine’s social posts, including the 2022 fire-up, are featuring tones of both blue and pink.


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