Seidl thinks 20-race seasons would be enough

Jon Wilde
Andreas Seidl

McLaren’s Andreas Seidl has declared his preference for fewer races and rotating the venues instead of expanding the F1 calendar.

The 2021 provisional schedule comprises 23 races, with one event TBC, while the next edition of the Concorde Agreement that kicks in next year has stated a maximum number of 25 grands prix.

However, team principal Seidl believes even 23 is too many and that there is a better way of revisiting some of the circuits that were added to this season’s schedule to ensure a fuller campaign following a glut of cancellations caused by the global health pandemic.

Mugello, Nurburgring, Portimao, Imola and Istanbul Park all received favourable reviews from both F1 participants and fans.

“It’s no secret that we, Zak [Brown, McLaren CEO) and I have said several times that we are more in favour of having fewer races, maybe 20,” said Seidl, quoted by

“You can still visit different places and also new tracks like the ones we have been to in the past but not for a while, like we saw this year.

“But ultimately that’s a decision Formula 1 is responsible for. They know what the best way is for them, with all the analyses that are being carried out. We trust they will make the right decisions.”


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Despite those comments, Seidl has nevertheless welcomed the announcement of next year’s provisional calendar which projects a sense of normality following an enormously challenging 2020.

“It’s great news for everyone in Formula 1, for our partners, sponsors, for us teams but above all for the fans that we are actually having great news again – a calendar with great venues,” said the 44-year-old German.

“I think it’s important that we approach the next year with a certain degree of positivity.

“And as we have seen this year, I think Formula 1 is able to react quickly with our logistics if it is necessary to change the calendar, change locations, change dates and so on. I don’t see that as a big problem.

“We fully trust that Formula 1 will make the right decisions, we have a good dialogue there. And Formula 1 also has a good understanding of what the needs are of the teams.

“In the end, it’s good to know what the preliminary program for next year looks like.”

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