Seidl: Calendar ‘too much of a burden’ on teams

Finley Crebolder
Lando Norris pits. Hungary August 2021

The McLaren of Lando Norris pits during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Hungary August 2021

Andreas Seidl says the F1 calendar must not get any larger, feeling it is already too much of a burden on teams as it is.

The 2021 schedule is the sport’s busiest ever, currently consisting of 22 rounds, and that is with one having dropped off due to the global pandemic.

Not only has it had the highest number of race weekends ever, but also a total of three triple-headers – something which used to be a rarity.

With Liberty Media intent on continuing to grow the calendar, Seidl has called for an end to such busy periods and has cautioned them against adding any more races.

“The most important thing from my point of view is obviously that we don’t further increase the number of races per year,” the McLaren team principal said.

“Because I think what we have in place now is already too much of a burden that we put on our people.

“And then another important topic is also the number of triple-headers. From my point of view, we should avoid them completely, again to reduce the burden on our people.”

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Seidl is not the only man on the grid that feels that way, with Haas team boss Guenther Steiner having said in July that triple-headers were too much for his staff and that he would prefer more double-headers instead even if it meant fewer single races.

The Italian has spoken to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and is optimistic they will not be a regular thing going forward.

“I spoke with him about this a few times and he also agrees it would be better maybe to have more double-headers instead of triple-headers and single races,” said Steiner.

“I haven’t seen the calendar and it’s not only what we want to do, it’s also when the hosts of the races want the races to be.

“But in general, everyone knows triple-headers are very demanding to the personnel and you feel it again here. It’s the third race in a row and it is quite hard to do.

“So until we get the [2022] calendar I don’t know what is happening, but I think the aim is to have the least as possible triple-headers. It will not be a standard thing in F1 to have triple-headers.”