Seidl against F1 ‘burning’ through Covid-19 tests

Michelle Foster
Melbourne Australian GP empty stands

Melbourne Australian GP empty stands

While Andreas Seidl wants Formula 1 to go racing as soon as possible, he says it must not be at the expense of Covid-19 tests that others desperate need.

Formula 1 bosses are planning a possible July start to the season with Austria hosting the opening round at the Red Bull Ring.

There has also been talk of the likes of Silverstone hosting three races over a four-week period with the F1 circus racing solely in Europe in order to get in as many races as possible.

All the grands prix, at least in the first few months, will be behind closed doors.

However, the F1 paddock is 2,000-strong which means Covid-19 testing will need to be carried out to ensure the safety of all those involved.

But while McLaren team boss Seidl wants to go racing, he says for now those tests are needed elsewhere.

“What I think is an important point is the public acceptance of events happening again,” he told

“I think it’s important that you only go back to go racing once we also have certainty when it comes down to protective equipment and that the number of tests for people are all in place.

“And, [that they] are available to people that actually need it, and that we are not the ones burning these tests or these materials, just for going back racing.

“I think there’s a big desire from people, from the public, from the fans, that especially in these lockdown situations we are all in at the moment, that sport events are happening again – even if it’s just on TV.

“But again, obviously, there’s a lot of different aspects that need to be considered.”

He added that the safety of everyone involved in Formula 1 has to be a priority.

“As always, the most important thing is to protect our people,” he said.

“Definitely we can’t go back to racing until we definitely know that our people are safe. Then I think it will simply depend on the guidelines of our home countries, first of all, and then the travel guidelines.

“We need to see if that allows us to travel out and back into our home countries. We need to wait for the different countries to decide whether races should happen.

“And I think also, you need to see what the promoters are deciding because, especially with the changes of dates also for a lot of races, the promoters need to be up for it and it needs to make sense from the commercial point of view also for the promoters for F1.”

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