Andretti’s F1 push continues with big recruitment drive launched

Thomas Maher
Andretti Global factory, Silverstone.

Andretti Global has revealed a new factory facility at Silverstone.

Andretti Global has begun the hiring process for as many as 60 roles at their new Silverstone facility, despite not being assured of an F1 future.

Andretti’s burgeoning F1 team opened up a new manufacturing facility and headquarters beside the Silverstone circuit and has now kicked off a recruiting drive for various roles.

Andretti seeking personnel for 60 F1 vacancies

Having answered the FIA’s invitation for expressions of interest for new F1 teams, Andretti was the only entry to pass the governing body’s stress tests and be given the green light to enter negotiations with FOM through F1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media.

But FOM rejected Andretti in January 2024, albeit left the door open for a possible future entry around 2028 when Cadillac, Andretti’s engine partner, has begun production of its own power units, meaning that the fledgling effort is currently in an administrative limbo as negotiations with FOM continue.

But Andretti hasn’t held back in their preparations, with Mario Andretti recently telling that the intention remains 2026 for a full entry into F1.

Along with opening up the new Silverstone facility, Andretti has now begin hiring to fill its European base – further underlining its intention to be ready for F1, even without the go-ahead from FOM.

Posting job vacancies on motorsport industry recruitment publications, Andretti is hiring for 60 vacancies at its Silverstone Park estate base.

The vacancies include senior F1 roles. Amongst the listings are head of aero development, head of mechanical design, and various other engineering and design positions.

Included are aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), model design, electronics, control systems, IT, vehicle performance, and manufacturing.

Last week, speaking to the Associated Press, 1978 F1 World Champion Mario Andretti confirmed a single meeting has been held between FOM and Andretti’s management – a further meeting is expected over the Miami Grand Prix weekend. recommends

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F1 did not just reject Andretti’s bid…they tore it to absolute pieces

F1’s rejection letter towards Andretti in January was quite brutal, saying it wasn’t convinced of the potential competitiveness of the team and that Andretti was underestimating the extent of the challenge to be ready for 2026.

On top of that, F1 suggested that Andretti stood to benefit more from its arrival in the sport than F1 did from Andretti’s presence, but did leave the door open for 2028.

“We only had one meeting with them, that’s a problem,” Andretti told AP.

“We haven’t had enough. I think that’s why I really welcome our next meeting. Let’s sit down.

“There were some opportunities missed along the way, but we’ve got to look forward, not back. I’m remaining hopeful, because we never stop working towards this.

“It was made clear that our work is at pace, and as you can see we’re not just talking.

“We’re putting brick and mortar together. We’ve shown that with the team that already has a place in Silverstone.”

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