Andretti-GM will ‘rival Mercedes and Ferrari’ level as F1 told ‘we need answers’

Jamie Woodhouse
Michael Andretti

The Andrettis have been trying to get onto the F1 grid for years

Michael Andretti says how their Formula 1 partnership with General Motors would look is a case of having to see it to believe it as it would “rival Mercedes and Ferrari”, but the clock is ticking.

The FIA is very much behind the idea of Andretti – in conjunction with General Motors – joining the F1 grid, though Formula One Management is not so convinced and rejected their bid, as efforts continue to trigger a change of heart.

Andretti promising ‘Mercedes and Ferrari’ level F1 commitment

Andretti’s ability to be competitive was flagged up by FOM as a concern, while the series also wanted Andretti to be a full blown GM factory team, with the American automotive giant having stated their intention to become an F1 power unit manufacturer in 2028.

And GM are still very much invested in this Andretti F1 project, Michael Andretti confirmed, as he stressed that people do not comprehend yet the size of this commitment, which he placed at the level of F1 juggernauts Mercedes and Ferrari.

Asked by Speed City Broadcasting whether GM are still fully behind and excited for this F1 project with Andretti, Michael replied: “Very. Very committed, very excited.

“People will not understand until we show them the effort that’s been put in on both sides.

“This is going to be rival with the Ferraris and the Mercedes, you know, the effort that’s being put in with such a great company like GM.”

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However, with Michael confirming that “our goal is to be in Formula 1 in ’26”, time is certainly of the essence if Andretti are to get the green light from FOM.

And on that front, Michael said they are trying to establish “more communication” with FOM as they need their answer and fast.

“We’re trying to get more communication and see what we need to do to get in,” he said.

“We’re going to need some answers soon. But we have some things we’re working on and hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon.”

And it is certainly not small things which Andretti are doing in aid of their F1 efforts, having recently unveiled their brand new base at Silverstone, housing around 120 staff members with a goal to increase that to more like 400.

Put to him that this is quite the risk, considering F1 is currently saying no to their bid, Michael replied: “Yeah, it’s a risk for sure.

“But I think it shows how much we believe in this, that we believe it’s great for Formula 1 and we think it’s great for American fans and to bring a company like General Motors into Formula 1, I think is huge.

“We just believe in it that much that we’re willing to roll the dice.”

At this point Congress has even gotten involved with Andretti’s F1 push, the chairman of the United State’s House Judiciary Committee demanding answers by no later than May 21 as Andretti try to become F1’s 11th team.

Michael said this is not something which he really gets involved with, his father and 1978 World Champion Mario Andretti having met with members of Congress ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, though he appreciates their support.

“100 per cent surprise,” said Michael on the intervention from Congress.

“I stay out of that. I’m just here to build a team and that’s what I’m doing.

“But for sure, it’s great to have people like them looking at what’s going on and getting behind this.”

Not since 2016 has the F1 grid consisted of 11 teams, with 10 having remained the number since.

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