‘Andretti are not going away’ – Pundit claims ‘political gravity’ could finally open F1 door for US team

Henry Valantine
Andretti Global factory, Silverstone.

Andretti Global has revealed a new factory facility at Silverstone.

Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz believes Andretti “are not going away” in their quest to join Formula 1, and it’s “absolutely clear” they will do all they can to get there.

Andretti recently unveiled a Silverstone base as their work continues to make their way onto the grid, despite their proposal having been rejected by Formula One Management.

Potential Andretti F1 arrival ‘a matter of political gravity’

Andretti Global partnered with General Motors through their Cadillac brand to put together a bid to join the Formula 1 grid, but while their proposal was accepted by the FIA, it was rejected when talks advanced to FOM.

1978 World Champion Mario Andretti, father of former F1 driver and current team owner Michael, said he felt “offended” by the continued rejection of the team, and in terms of the commitment he is willing to show to the cause, he went as far as recently saying: “If they want blood, well, I’m ready.”

Having hired more than 100 people to work at their newly-opened base at Silverstone already, Andretti are hopeful that having a base in the UK, where the majority of teams are based, will be able to attract more talent to the team.

But even without a place on the grid confirmed, Kravitz explained that this act is enough of a statement to show they are keeping up their efforts.

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“Andretti have opened a new factory at Silverstone and we’ve been getting information about what they’re doing,” Kravitz said on ‘Ted’s Notebook’ during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

“They’re building a car, they’re doing research, they’re employing people. What I think we can be clear about is that, even though the FIA have said ‘Yes Andretti, you can join’ but FOM, Formula One [Management] have said ‘No, you can’t’ – Andretti are not going away.

“I think this is absolutely clear. They are going to stay around and they are going to fight with General Motors for their place to be allowed into Formula 1, against what Formula 1 said.

“So just keep a watching eye on it, this Andretti team. I don’t think they’re going away, and I think it’s probably just a matter of political gravity that they will potentially end up in Formula 1 because certainly, the fans and the drivers all want to see it.”

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