Andretti’s Silverstone staff numbers revealed as they ‘still believe they can persuade FOM’

Henry Valantine
Andretti Global factory, Silverstone.

Andretti Global has revealed a new factory facility at Silverstone.

Andretti have opened their Silverstone factory with around 120 staff members, but will look to expand that to 400 as their F1 preparation progresses – despite not having had an entry accepted.

Andretti unveiled a Silverstone base last week to look to attract talent in the UK, where the majority of the teams are based, as they ramp up their goals of getting on the Formula 1 grid.

Andretti looking to treble F1 staff numbers in new Silverstone base

Sky Sports reporter Craig Slater explained that the team are still investing heavily in trying to make it onto the grid, despite the firm rejection from Formula One Management [FOM] in recent months.

They had received FIA approval to join the grid in 2026, but when talks advanced to FOM, they were pushed back against in no uncertain terms.

But from conversations on the ground at their new base, Slater explained there is belief from within the team that Formula 1’s commercial rights holders may be able to be brought around.

“I suppose the last thing they heard was it was a ‘no entry’ for them. ‘You’re not getting in ’25 or ’26’ and lo and behold here, they’re opening a new factory,” Slater said on the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

“They’re spending a lot of money still, the Andrettis – millions of pounds. They’ve got 120 staff on the payroll in the UK, they want to raise that to 400.

“Off camera, some interesting discussions with those involved in the project signalled to me that they still believe they can persuade Formula One Management. recommends

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“They got the certifications from the FIA, but they believe they can win the arguments which were that they didn’t add value to the sport, that was what F1 said, they wouldn’t be competitive enough to improve things, and that also that they need to bring in something a bit more substantial than a partnership with General Motors – Formula 1 wants this actual engine to be developed and built.

“Michael Andretti told me that is happening, it will be there and available, hopefully from 2028, but they want a couple of years to bed in.

“They don’t just want to debut a new team and a new engine all at once, and they are conscious they have become this slightly political football in the friction between Formula One Management and the governing body, the FIA.

“They’re a little bit caught in the middle of that because the FIA have obviously pushed them forward, but [they’re] very impressive people. If you’re around Michael Andretti and his father, they’re so substantial.

“I mean, they’re legends of motor racing, it would be great to have them involved in Formula 1.

“How many of the big characters do we still have, in terms of the team bosses, and people like that in the sport? There aren’t many of the stature of the Andrettis.

“So in that sense, I think they would be an asset. Yes, they have to show they’re a net asset to the sport in commercial terms as well, but glad to see them pressing ahead.”

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