Andretti provide huge update on GM power unit plans which could finally unlock F1 door

Oliver Harden
A side-profile shot of Michael Andretti

Michael Andretti is set on bulldozing his way on to the F1 grid, whether Liberty likes it or not

Michael Andretti has revealed that General Motors are already building an engine as plans for the team’s F1 entry continue apace.

Andretti have been seeking an F1 admission for some time and linked up with General Motors brand Cadillac in a renewed attempt to gain an entry last year.

Andretti partners GM already building F1 2028 engine

While Andretti’s proposal was accepted by F1’s governing body the FIA last October, it was rejected by the sport’s commercial rights holder in January, with Formula 1 claiming the team would not bring sufficient value to the grid.

Nevertheless, Andretti are pressing ahead with their plans and on Wednesday opened a new facility at Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix.

With Cadillac announcing last November a commitment to becoming a power unit supplier from the 2028 season, Mr Andretti has confirmed that work on the engine is already underway – but warned the team will require two years to establish themselves in F1 before running Cadillac’s powertrain. recommends

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He told Sky Sports News: “They’re currently building an engine.

“They’re already registered to do it, so we will have an engine in ’28, but obviously we need to build to get there.

“We can’t just all of a sudden show up in ’28 with a new engine and no team.

“We need two years to build, to get there so when we do get our own engine, the team’s ready to go and be competitive.

“We’re not naive in any way in that way.”

Andretti’s latest statement comes after he outlined the team’s commitment to having a presence in F1’s direct feeder categories, Formula 2 and Formula 3, in an effort to support young American talent.

He said: “This is going to be mainly for F1, these two facilities. But we also want to bring in our Formula E team and start integrating it here.

“Our goal is to have an F3/F2 team to help support the F1 team, and then maybe even a WEC [World Endurance Championship] team. So we want to make this our hub for the European racing.

“It’s not just American drivers, but it’ll be a good ladder for American drivers. We’re going to still be looking for the best talent in the world.

“But it’s going to give an American driver a fair chance, because normally when an American comes over here, they’re not treated the same.

“Here in our team, you’re going to be treated fairly, all the way up through the system and plus for us, we’ll then be able to really tell the talent, how real it is or not.

“Because a lot of times you don’t know, some father might be paying for 200 days of testing and things like that to make their kid look good! So here we’ll know what we have.”

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