Andretti reveal exciting US-focused F2 and F3 plan to supercharge F1 ambitions

Jamie Woodhouse
Michael Andretti

Andretti are pushing on with their F1 preparations.

Andretti Global continue to push on with their plans for Formula 1, which now also includes the intention to enter Formula 2 and Formula 3 with a focus on US talent.

Andretti may have received a firm no from Formula 1 in their bid to join the grid, but that has not put a stop to their preparations, with the prospective team on Wednesday unveiling their new facility at Silverstone, hailed as a “milestone” in their efforts.

Andretti plan to enter F2 and F3

Since Andretti’s F1 ambitions were first made clear, the goal has been to truly fly the flag of the United States – a key market of growth for Formula 1 – by having an American driver in the team, though it turns out the plans go deeper than that.

Michael Andretti has revealed a plan to secure a larger building opposite their new Silverstone base, which as well as being home to their F1 and Formula E teams, would also house their F2 and F3 outfits, which would focus on creating a pathway for American talent into F1.

“This is going to be mainly for F1, these two facilities,” Michael Andretti told Autosport. “But we also want to bring in our Formula E team and start integrating it here.

“Our goal is to have an F3/F2 team to help support the F1 team, and then maybe even a WEC [World Endurance Championship] team. So we want to make this our hub for the European racing.

“It’s not just American drivers, but it’ll be a good ladder for American drivers. We’re going to still be looking for the best talent in the world.

“But it’s going to give an American driver a fair chance, because normally when an American comes over here, they’re not treated the same.

“Here in our team, you’re going to be treated fairly, all the way up through the system and plus for us, we’ll then be able to really tell the talent, how real it is or not.

“Because a lot of times you don’t know, some father might be paying for 200 days of testing and things like that to make their kid look good! So here we’ll know what we have.” recommends

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But, while Andretti are pressing on with the creation of this European hub despite the F1 rejection, the formation of F2 and F3 teams is subject to getting that green light.

“It is going to be linked to finalising the F1 piece of it,” Andretti Global co-owner Dan Towriss confirmed.

Andretti’s IndyCar racer Colton Herta has on multiple occasions come close to landing an F1 seat, first when Michael Andretti almost agreed a buyout of Sauber, while Red Bull then earmarked the 24-year-old for a seat with their second team, only for a lack of Super Licence points to scupper that plan.

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