Green hopes 2022 field will close up quickly

Frank Parker
Andrew Green wears an Aston Martin mask. Bahrain, March 2021.

Andrew Green, chief technical officer at Aston Martin, with a green team-branded Aston Martin mask. Bahrain, March 2021.

Aston Martin’s chief technical officer Andrew Green hopes the field will bunch up in the new season for a more competitive F1.

A raft of new technical regulations for 2022 have dramatically changed the look and feel of the cars. With ground-effect aerodynamics, as well as a new $140m cost cap, it is a move that has the potential to spice up the racing and make the all teams more competitive.

Aston Martin revealed their latest challenger, the AMR22, at their launch on Thursday with a shakedown at Silverstone taking place the following day.

With a fresh canvas on which to design their car, Green feels the initial designs will look similar but concedes eventually the cars will align to a common theme.

“I think we will see different approaches initially,” Green told select media including PlanetF1. “I think there are lots of different ways of approaching the problem with the 2022 regulations and I think initially, we will see a few variations.

“Some similar to a theme, but I don’t think it will be long before we will align as far as the big visual aspects of the car [are concerned].”

Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll with the AMR22. February 2022.
Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll stand with the Aston Martin AMR22. February 2022.

During the hybrid era, there has been a clear gulf between the top teams and those in the midfield. It was only last season that McLaren joined Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari in regularly starting to get onto the podium.

The new regulations have been designed to ensure there are very strict areas where teams can develop the cars. When asked if the field will get closer together in 2022, Aston Martin’s Green is hopeful the field will “converge relatively quickly”.

“I really hope so,” said Green. “But I hope it’s quicker than the four years [cycle], otherwise I think we will be wasting our time with the new regulations because I think the teams were relatively close at the end of last season.

“I’m hoping the teams will converge quickly. The only thing that’s really preventing a faster converge is probably the new cost-cap regulations and the aerodynamic testing regulations, so that will slow down the convergence rate.

“The way the rules are written, this isn’t just a new concept as far as it’s ground-effect [aerodynamics], it’s the application of the rules – that’s completely different as well.


“It used to be a case of the rules were written where you had certain regulated boxes where you were allowed to draw whatever you wanted most of the time.

“Those regulations are gone now and we actually have pre-defined surfaces you have to work with, so the amount of deviation you can actually get from these regulations is massively reduced from before. That’s why I think teams will converge relatively quickly.”


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