Andrew Green has moved away from Aston Martin F1 role

Sam Cooper
Andrew Green of Aston Martin. Spa, Belgium, August, 2022

Andrew Green of Aston Martin. Spa, Belgium, August, 2022

Long-time Aston Martin F1 technical officer Andrew Green has moved away from the racing side of the company to lead the technology business.

Green has been at the Silverstone-based side in some capacity since 1990 when he worked at the newly formed Jordan Grand Prix team. After stints at BAR and then Red Bull, Green was back at Silverstone to join Force India who would eventually become Aston Martin.

But now, the 57-year-old’s role has shifted away from a racing focus and instead he is leading the company’s technology business as revealed by Dan Fallows during the AMR23 launch.

Fallows, another former Red Bull man, detailed that the technical structure at the team had “evolved” with Green taking a sideways step.

“Honestly, it’s still evolving,” Fallows told media including “We’ve had quite a few senior people who have arrived over the year. You’ll be aware that Eric Blandin has joined us, Luca Furbatto as well, and there’s some other people in key positions who have come.

“That technical structure is evolving, as we’ve gone into AMR23 and gone into this year in particular, we’ve also grown as a group. We’re now looking to expand our capabilities into other areas.

“That’s where AMPT, Aston Martin Performance Technologies, comes in. Andrew Green, he’s a key technical leader for this organisation and will continue to be so. He’s had a big input in how we structure the technical leadership of this company.

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“He’s carrying on having a significant input into the way we work, although his focus will be on the AMPT side of the business.”

Aston Martin Performance Technologies was established in 2021 with long-time McLaren man Martin Whitmarsh joining in a CEO capacity and has goals far more wide-reaching than just in F1.

Fallows said Green’s focus will be on the non-F1 side of the business.

“We’re obviously growing that organically, but we’re putting a lot of effort into growing that side of the business,” he said.

“We have links with AML [Aston Martin Lagonda] as well, which is very important to us. He’s really exploring all of the opportunities to use our expertise from the F1 business, but also in the broader group.”

But Green’s input will still be felt on the AMR23 with team principal Mike Krack revealing that Green was “quite involved” in the process.

Team principal Krack confirmed that Green is still an important player in the Aston camp.

“The organisation is growing, and we needed someone with a large technical expertise to oversee the projects that we want to do,” said Krack.

“It was a logical choice. I think from that point of view, I think we were fortunate to have someone like Andrew in our organisation.

“Andrew was quite involved [in the AMR23]. The move from Andrew is just happening recently. We’ll see how this is going to develop, but we felt to expand the business into other areas, racing or non-racing projects, we were fortunate to have someone like him.”