Angela Cullen posts image of new ‘crew’ following Lewis Hamilton split

Angela Cullen posts on Instagram with her new crew following Lewis Hamilton split. June 2023

Angela Cullen posts on Instagram with her new crew following Lewis Hamilton split. June 2023

Lewis Hamilton’s former personal trainer and assistant Angela Cullen is continuing on with her very active lifestyle away from the F1 tracks around the world.

Cullen spent the best part of seven years within Hamilton’s inner circle, a select team who travelled with him across the F1 calendar and made sure he was at his very best to perform in the pinnacle of motorsport.

But ahead of the Saudi Grand Prix back in March, the duo confirmed a shock split after seven years working together.

Since then, Cullen looks to have maintained her high-octane lifestyle with various heart-pumping adventures such as skydiving, surfing and skiing.

She is also still an incredibly active person, posting a picture with her new ‘crew’ after being put through her paces at a training centre in Bali during the past week.

Angela Cullen Instagram post from Bali. June 2023
Angela Cullen Instagram post from Bali. June 2023

Earlier this month, Hamilton said he has plans to reunite with his former trainer soon after admitting that she is someone that he misses a lot since they decided to part ways.

“I miss her every day,” Hamilton is widely quoted as having told L’Equipe.

“She was a breath of fresh air for me every day. She was always a great help during the seven years we worked together.

“She was and still is a very good friend. In fact, we’re talking about getting together again and doing something together soon, like parachute jumping, maybe.

“We’ll never leave each other. I’m very grateful for everything she’s given me.”’s recommended reading

Angela Cullen: The physio that spent seven years in Lewis Hamilton’s inner circle

Hamilton does have a new support team in place following Cullen’s exit, revealing their identities back in May.

First is Stephen Lord, Mercedes’ race team coordinator who followed Hamilton from McLaren to Mercedes, affectionately known by Hamilton as ‘Stevo’.

Also in the mix is Penni Thow, Hamilton’s media talent manager who was brought into the fold by Hamilton two years ago, allowing Hamilton to focus on his business in Formula 1 while Thow steers the ship on Hamilton’s outside projects and business interests.

“I have a slightly different setup,” Hamilton told media personnel in Miami. “The role is shared between two individuals.

“The setup I have, right now, is great. One of the guys, Stevo, has been with me since my first race at McLaren. He also came here when I moved from McLaren to here as my gearbox technician. And then he’s moved on to several different roles and he’s helping me right now.

“Otherwise I’m working with someone on my training, Kylie. I have Santi here as well, I have Penni. I have a great support structure.”