Hubert included in F1 2020 game, tough decision

Jamie Woodhouse
Anthoine Hubert included in F1 2020 game.

Anthoine Hubert included in F1 2020 game.

Codemasters Formula 1 game director Lee Mather said the decision to include Anthoine Hubert in the new edition was “not taken lightly”.

Hubert lost his life during a terrible crash at Spa last year during the F2 Feature Race.

Also involved in the accident was Juan Manuel Correa who suffered life-threatening injuries and is now rehabilitating at home.

The F2 drivers will be a part of the F1 game once again for 2020, and both Hubert and Correa will be included.

It was a decision that was “not taken lightly”.

In a new feature for 2020, Hubert’s character will appear in the “My Team” mode.

The mode allows players to manage an eleventh team that joins the grid, racing through ten seasons during which drivers can move between teams.

A list of F2 drivers will be available for players to hire for their team, with Hubert and Correa included on this list.

Mather confirmed to details of the F2 driver roster which will be “available as part of the driver market and will be available to hire in My Team.”

“The inclusion of both Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa was not taken lightly,” he confirmed.

“The decision to include both drivers in F1 2020 wasn’t made in isolation, all parties relating to the two drivers were consulted, and it was agreed that this was the right thing to do.

“When viewing Anthoine on the driver select screen we’ve added a small dedication, to honour his memory.”

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