RB the new Super Aguri? ‘High expectations’ set by F1 pundit for 2024 season

Jamie Woodhouse
Daniel Ricciardo testing for RB in Bahrain.

RB's Daniel Ricciardo on track.

Ex-F1 driver Anthony Davidson says the RB-Red Bull alliance reminds him of what his former team Super Aguri had with Honda, only he does not see RB as backmarkers.

Super Aguri’s stint in Formula 1 was rather brief, the Honda-powered team arriving on the grid in 2006 and departing after the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix, with just four points scored during their tenure.

Davidson joined Super Aguri in 2007 and raced with them until their demise, his experiences there closely matching in his opinion what he now sees between the two Red Bull teams, which have strengthened their technical ties heading into F1 2024.

Anthony Davidson has ‘high expectations’ for RB in Bahrain

Red Bull Racing has renamed its second team to Visa Cash App RB for the new season, with senior advisor Helmut Marko having made the demand that RB strengthens its reliance on Red Bull in every way permitted under the regulations.

That has put figures such as McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown on high alert, with Davidson’s prediction that a strong season could lay ahead of RB evidencing the concerns Brown has.

“No disrespect to anybody there or at Red Bull of course. It just reminds me of my time in Super Aguri,” said Davidson on Sky Sports F1.

“There’s a close relationship with Red Bull and RB.

“In terms of the technology as well, it just reminded me that there’s that similarity I see between the Honda days and Super Aguri. It just reminds me of those times.

“Maybe they’ll have a car that’s very successful this year. I’ve got high expectations for them for next week’s race.”

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While RB has been tipped as a potential dark horse at the F1 2024 season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, their eight-time grands prix winner Daniel Ricciardo has moved to temper expectations.

Rather than podiums, he feels making Q3 and the top 10 in the early stages of the new campaign would be a job well done for the team.

Speaking to media at the Bahrain International Circuit, Ricciardo said: “I would say we’re still in that midfield fight. “I know people are getting pretty excited about us, but I’m trying to just bring it back down.

“I think we’re probably where we expected to be. Obviously we do want to get stronger as the year goes on and establish ourselves at the front of the midfield, but I think now we’ll be hopefully a Q3 and top 10 car, but to be much more than that, I think that’s probably getting too excited.”

Japanese racer Yuki Tsunoda continues to partner Ricciardo for this new RB era, the pair knowing a seat could come up for grabs at Red Bull as Sergio Perez enters the final year of his contract.

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