Aston Martin AMR24 scrutinised as an ‘upgraded 2023 Red Bull’ by ex-F1 racer

Jamie Woodhouse
Aston Martin AMR24.

The Aston Martin AMR24.

Former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean believes Aston Martin has continued their Red Bull-inspired trend by creating an AMR24 based on the 2023 Red Bull RB19, but says “I don’t blame them” for it.

Aston Martin are a team which is investing heavily under the watch of boss Lawrence Stroll in order to challenge at the very front of the grid.

That included the signing of former Red Bull aerodynamics chief Dan Fallows meaning that last season’s creation, the AMR23, was always likely to carry Red Bull vibes, which it did.

Aston Martin AMR24 ‘on paper should work well’

And as Aston Martin took the covers off their latest challenger, the AMR24, Grosjean continued to notice the Red Bull influence, this a challenger which he sees based and then innovated upon the dominant RB19, which claimed 21 grands prix wins out of 22 in 2023.

Taking inspiration from Red Bull served Aston Martin well last season, the Silverstone squad coming flying out of the blocks as arguably the second-fastest team, though struggled to keep pace in the development war which followed.

But, speaking on his YouTube channel, Grosjean said he expects the AMR24 to prove another solid base for Aston Martin to build on, considering its resemblance to the RB19.

“I think Aston Martin last year took a 2022 Red Bull and used a lot of the philosophy that was made on the Red Bull in 2022,” said Grosjean.

“And I feel like the 2024 Aston Martin is an upgraded 2023 Red Bull. I mean, I don’t blame them. That was the fastest car last year.

“You can see the sidepods on the side, you can see the front wing, you can see the small tiny air entry on the sidepods, the rear wing.

“They’ve pushed their philosophy and what they did last year to the next level. As I say, they’ve very much used what was the fastest car in the paddock and upgraded it, so on paper it should work well.

“It is an upgraded version of what they had last year, also with some inspiration from Red Bull, so why not do it, when Red Bull has been dominating so far.

“One thing that we noticed this year in the trend is the rear bodywork shape. It’s not the nicest in the world, but seems that pretty much every team has been running that shape at the back.” recommends

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The 12 drivers out of contract at the end of the F1 2024 season

Another area of design convergence for F1 2024 can be seen in the liveries, with the black of weight-saving exposed carbon becoming ever more prominent.

Aston Martin though has not fully ditched its British Racing Green which continues to pop on the AMR24, Grosjean believing it is among the top liveries on the F1 2024 grid.

“Livery-wise, love it,” he said. “Beautiful green. Beautiful design. I think it’s one of the nicest cars out there.”

Aston Martin drivers Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll will continue at the wheel for F1 2024, their second season together.

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