Aston Martin seek winning formula as Aramco deal struck

Jamie Woodhouse
Aston Martin crew work on their car. Italy, September 2021.

Aston Martin crew work on their Formula 1 car in the garage. Italy, September 2021.

Aston Martin has entered a long-term partnership with Aramco which will see the brand added to the official team name.

Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian state-owned oil firm, has served as a Global Partner for Formula 1 since March 2020, but their Formula 1 interests will now expand further after joining forces with the Aston Martin team.

A long-term partnership has been confirmed between both parties that will “drive the development of highly efficient internal combustion engines, high-performance sustainable fuels, advanced lubricants and the deployment of non-metallic materials in vehicles”.

Aston Martin and Aramco will join forces for research and development, with a strong focus on meeting Formula 1’s target for power units to be using 100% sustainable fuel by 2025, while in addition “the partnership will focus on development and commercialisation of fuel-efficient engine technologies for road vehicles, and the development of more efficient hybrid engines in motorsport”.

The partnership also includes sponsorship rights, a licencing agreement, as well “exclusive branding and endorsement rights for Aramco fuels and lubricants”.

As part of the deal, the team name will be tweaked to ‘Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team’.

Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin. Saudi Arabia December 2021
Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin. Saudi Arabia December 2021

Chairman of the Aston Martin F1 team Lawrence Stroll said: “We are in the sport to win so I am delighted to welcome an incredible partner of the stature of Aramco, who I have learnt from this process has a tremendous amount of intellectual property and technical capability, which I know will greatly assist our team to achieve our goals of winning Formula One world championships.

“Our historic partnership demonstrates the scale of our ambition to make our team a pioneering and winning force in Formula One and showcase the sustainability and performance of Aramco’s products.”

Aston Martin Performance Technologies CEO Martin Whitmarsh added: “Winning in Formula One is all about assembling and managing the right ingredients in the optimal way.

“Aramco is an innovative company whose ultra high-tech expertise will make a very real and hugely valuable contribution to improving the performance of, and delivering the future success of, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team.”


Aston Martin will unveil their 2022 challenger, the AMR22, on 10 February.

Tasked with extracting every drop of performance from it will be four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll, with Aston Martin keeping the same line-up for a second season.


Aston Martin launch date confirmed

Aston Martin confirm launch date for the AMR22.