Aston Martin boss addresses ‘destabilising’ concerns after key mid-season change

Jamie Woodhouse
Fernando Alonso in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice.

Fernando Alonso on track for Aston Martin.

While Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack said there is “never a good moment” to move base, he denied that this “destabilised” the team, as Martin Brundle said happens from his observations.

Aston Martin is a team undergoing expansion as the financial backing of Lawrence Stroll flows through the team, with a new campus, windtunnel and simulator all on the agenda.

The move to the new campus began during F1 2023 with the workforce increasing at the same time, though Aston Martin could not build upon their strong start to the campaign.

Aston Martin boss denies move ‘destabilising’

Starting out F1 2023 as arguably the closest challenger to the dominant Red Bull team, Aston Martin could not keep pace with Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren in the development race and were ultimately forced to settle for P5 in the Constructors’ Championship.

As part of Sky’s F1 2023 season review, Brundle said that during his near 40 years of experience around the F1 scene, a team moving factory or beefing up its personnel always has a “destabilising” effect.

Krack made it clear though that he will not use this as an excuse for their struggles as F1 2023 went on.

“Well, it’s still going on, we are still increasing the size of the campus,” Krack confirmed. “We have only one-third completed with the building one that we have taken over around the British Grand Prix or after the Monaco Grand Prix, something like that.

“So yes, it is disruptive, but it’s also a matter of preparation and I think it will be too easy to use the move as an excuse or the changing infrastructure. recommends

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“We knew that at one point you have to do that if you’re investing the way our team has done and it will continue, the new windtunnel will come on board, the new simulator will come and another building.

“So these are all things that have to be planned and you have to try and ring fence basically the whole development from these kinds of things.

“And I’m the last one who wants to use this as an excuse, we knew that before and there is never a good moment to move. We have chosen to do it middle of the year, I think it was executed very well, it was planned very well and I don’t think it had too much impact to be honest.”

It was still a very productive season for Aston Martin and clear step forward, Fernando Alonso scoring eight podium finishes, as the team now look to F1 2024 with sights set on sustaining their strong pace this time around.

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