Aston Martin throw Chinese Sprint result into doubt with right to review request

Michelle Foster
Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso

Carlos Sainz walking with Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin has lodged a petition for a right to review the penalty handed to Fernando Alonso for his clash with Carlos Sainz in the Sprint race in China.

Racing for position in the short race on the Saturday, the pair made contact more than once with the last tussle seeing Alonso attempting to regain the position off Sainz on the inside of Turn 9.

Fernando Alonso was penalised three penalty points on his licence

But with the Aston Martin driver pushing them wide, Sergio Perez got the jump on both cars.

Alonso picked up a puncture in that incident, one that put him out of the Sprint while Sainz’s Ferrari also suffered damage.

The double World Champion was later slapped with a 10-second time penalty, despite not taking the chequered flag, and three penalty points on his Super License.

The latter means he’s up to six in the space of just a month with F1 automatically banning any driver who scores 12 in a rolling 12-month period.

Aston Martin, though, have request a right to review, and the hearing will take place on May 3 in Miami.

The hearing will be to determine if there is a “significant and relevant new element which was unavailable to the party seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned”. recommends

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The FIA statement read: “The Stewards have received a petition for a Right of Review in accordance with Article 14 of the FIA International Sporting Code, from Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team on 23 April 2024 in respect of the decision of the Stewards of the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, Document 40 (alleged breach of Appendix L, Chapter IV, Article 2 d) of the International Sporting Code in relation to Car 14).

“The team representative is required to report to the Stewards on Friday, May 03, 2024 at 08:00 EDT (14:00 CEST) in relation to the above.

“The hearing will be held virtually via video conference, details of which will be provided by separate

“It should be noted that this hearing will be held in two parts: The first part will be to hear evidence as to whether there is a “significant and relevant new element which was unavailable to the party seeking the Review at the time of the decision concerned.”

“Should the Stewards determine, in accordance with Article 14.3 of the FIA International Sporting Code, that such an element exists, a second part of the hearing will be convened at a time to be advised.

“Any other “concerned party” may seek the permission of the Stewards to be present for the second part of the hearing, should one be convened.”

In the wake of his Sprint penalty, Alonso threatened to sit out the next Sprint in Miami as he feels it’s “not worth” it.

“It makes you think if in the next Sprint, you even want to go out for a run,” he said.

“Due to the points that are given and that we are not going to have the tyres we use [to use in the Grand Pix], it is almost worth not going out.”

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