Aston Martin will ‘completely change the way we think’

Jamie Woodhouse
Sergio Perez Racing Point RP20

Racing Point technical director Andrew Green has talked up how “massive” the transition from Racing Point to Aston Martin will be.

From 2021 the Racing Point outfit will become Aston Martin thanks to the team’s owner Lawrence Stroll buying a stake in the British luxury car brand.

The early signs look good for Racing Point’s RP20, and it could well set them up perfectly for the “massive” change that is to become once they rebrand to Aston Martin.

Speaking on the Beyond the Grid podcast, Green said: “It’s completely changed the way we think.

“It hasn’t really changed the way we operate at the moment, because we’ve always focused on being the most efficient team on the grid and we will continue to focus on being the most efficient team on the grid.

“I think now with the introduction of the cost cap, I think that really does help us. But the change to Aston Martin for next year is going to be massive.

“We haven’t really turned round and focused on that with what’s been happening over the last couple of months, but it is going to be a tidal wave of change that is going to wash over the team.

“We’re now a shop window for Aston Martin and we have to act and work that way. That’s going to be a big challenge to be able to do and still maintain the efficiency that we strive for.”

Racing Point will be looking to find form immediately this season as they head for the Austrian Grand Prix to kick-off 2020 on July 5.

Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer believes the strong form which the team showed in pre-season can carry over to the Red Bull Ring.

“Hard for me to predict, but I think some of the competitiveness that we saw in the winter should [carry over] to the Red Bull Ring, number one,” he said on the F1 Nation podcast.

“And number two, we’ve had a long time off now and I don’t think anyone’s had enough time to get back to work, develop the car and get new bits onto their car. We certainly haven’t.

“But my expectation is, the competitiveness that we saw in the winter should also be available to us and become evident in Austria.”

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