Aston Martin quizzed on ‘very senior’ F1 staff pursuit amid Ferrari man rumours

Sam Cooper
Mike Krack in the pit lane

Mike Krack has been in charge of Aston since January 2022.

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack is happy to hear that senior F1 staff member are being linked with the team amid rumours of a move for Ferrari’s technical director.

The Silverstone-based team have ambitions of moving up the order and to do that, they hope to entice major talent to follow the likes of technical director Dan Fallows, who joined the team from Red Bull in F1 2022.

Aston Martin hoping to attract top F1 technical talent

The latest name linked to Aston Martin is Ferrari’s technical boss Enrico Cardile, with reports suggesting the British outfit had reached out to the 49-year-old.

But while Krack did not comment on that particular rumour, he said the fact major names were being linked with the team was a reflection of their potential.

“There is a lot to read about senior technical [staff] and also recruitment,” Krack told the media at the most recent race in Canada. “I think it shows this is an attractive workplace.

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“With Honda, with Aramco, with the regulations how they are in ‘26, the names that are in play…if we are attractive to them, that is a good thing, because it shows that everybody believes this project can be a huge success.”

As for wherever Aston were looking to expand their technical team, Krack said that they are open to the opportunity if “good people” are available.

“If one of them was available last year, then people would have bought him as well,” Krack said. “So if there are good people available, you always have to be open and see how you can integrate them.”

With substantial improvements made to their factory but less points than they scored at this stage last season, Krack was also asked if there was discontent between the off track progress to the performance on it but he denied that was the case.

“These processes take time and there are not many businesses where you have less time than Formula 1,” the 52-year-old said. “So that is the constant toggling between our expectation management and the expectations you generate.

”Last year, we over-exceeded massively and we are measured on this today so that is why this year, we have to put it a little bit more in perspective.”

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