Aston Martin on ‘cancelled F1 plans’

Aston Martin on 'cancelled F1 plans'

Aston Martin on 'cancelled F1 plans'

Aston Martin won’t be entering Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer, saying Liberty’s decision not to change the rules put them off.

Aston Martin were considering a move into Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer as the sport’s owners Liberty Media touted big changes to the engine regulations.

They had hoped to introduce louder, simpler engines in 2021 but those plans fell through.

As such Aston Martin have decided against entering the sport.

“When it looked like the rules were going to change, we did take a look at whether we should do our own engine for F1,” Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer told Reuters.

“But then Liberty essentially changed their mind and continued with the current engine, so we cancelled those plans.”

Palmer was also asked about Red Bull’s decision to switch from Renault to Honda power for next year’s championship.

He says Aston Martin, who are Red Bull’s title sponsor, believe it is a good move.

“Red Bull makes its own decision, I’m certainly supportive of that decision,” he said. “It is a good way to go.”

Earlier this year, FIA president Jean Todt conceded that Formula 1 would have no new manufacturers come 2021, saying instead the sport needs to do all it can to retain those it has.

“My priority is to make sure that we keep them four,” he said. “I always said it would be very unfair to the four engaged to say, ‘okay, we want to attract a new one so let’s change everything’.

“But what about them? What about all the investment they have been doing for years and we say, we change completely the regulations because we may have one or two coming?

“That is one of the reasons why it was not a revolution on the engine regulations. Now if we can secure those four for me that would be a great achievement.”