Aston Martin tech boss reveals the one Red Bull part he has no plans to copy

Michelle Foster
Aston Martin AMR23 floor. Canada June 2023.

A closer look at the upgraded floor of the Aston Martin AMR23.

Putting a new floor on the AMR23 in Canada, Dan Fallows has revealed Aston Martin didn’t draw inspiration from Red Bull’s Monaco reveal as when it comes to the floor they have their “own philosophies”.

Red Bull’s race-winning RB19’s floor was displayed to the world at the Monaco Grand Prix weekend when Sergio Perez crashed his car, with the marshals lifting it into the air on a crane in order for the qualifying session to get back underway.

It was a gold mine for Red Bull’s rivals, who noted the intricate design of the floor with its contours, canoes and high-roofed arched tunnels.

But just because rivals saw the design in all its glory, that doesn’t mean they could copy it given the floor is just one part of the package and needs to work together with the rest of the car’s design.

It raised questions as to whether Aston Martin, with their more Red Bull-esque look than some, could at the very least draw inspiration from the Red Bull floor.

Fallows says no, mainly because the technical director doesn’t believe there are benefits from doing so.

“Not any surprises,” he told when asked about the RB19’s floor design, “but I think it’s always interesting to see what other people have done.

“We are all facing the same sort of problems from an aerodynamic point of view and it’s interesting to see what other people’s solutions are to that.

“So I think it’s not really surprising; it is more just interesting.”

But it won’t be a path that Aston Martin will follow.

“We have our own philosophies and we have our own ways of approaching things,” he added, “and really there’s a lot of optimisation in things like the floor. recommends

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“The reason that you see the details on the surface is because we’ll spend a huge amount of time trying to optimise these surfaces. So it’s important for us that we carry on our development path.

“We think it is providing a rich seam of development. We’ve seen another update on that [in Canada] so it’s important for us that we use that going forward.”

Speaking about the team’s Canadian Grand Prix upgrade and the new floor, the tech guru conceded that while it was a “very big” update, Aston Martin had made other notable ones over the course of the first seven races of the season.

“It’s physically a very big update,” he said. “But in truth, there are things that we’ve done to the car up to now which are also quite significant.

“We are trying to put consistent developments on the car, rather than wait for a few races and then have a big update.

“While visually it was the most different, it’s not necessarily the biggest in terms of performance. Although hopefully it will be a step.”

Aston Martin are currently third in the Constructors’ Championship with 154 points, 13 behind Mercedes.