Aston Martin poach Red Bull’s head of aerodynamics

Mark Scott
Red Bull Aston Martin

Red Bull will lose their head of aerodynamics, Dan Fallows, to Aston Martin after he was announced as their new technical director.

On the eve of the Styrian Grand Prix weekend, Aston Martin announced they would be restructuring their staff by appointing a performance director, engineering director, and technical director, all reporting to Andrew Green, recently named as the team’s new chief technical officer.

Tom McCullough will fill the first role, Luca Furbatto, incoming from Alfa Romeo, takes up the second position and who would be taking the technical director role was left a mystery in Aston Martin’s original statement.

However, on Friday lunchtime in Austria, Red Bull announced Fallows, who has been head of aero at Red Bull since 2014, would be the person to take the newly-created role at Aston Martin.

Lance Stroll Aston Martin
Lance Stroll Aston Martin

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“It goes without saying that Dan will be missed as he has played an important role during his time at Red Bull and I would like to thank him for his contribution towards the team’s successes,”Red Bull boss Christian Horner told the press.

“We do however recognise that the chance to take on the role of technical director within a Formula 1 team is an appealing next step in his career.

“In turn, this move creates exciting internal progression opportunities as we look to the future and draw from the wealth of talent within the wider team.”

Fallows will not be leaving his current role with Red Bull any time soon, though, as he will remain in place as head of aero at the World Championship leaders until the end of his contract.

Horner would not specifically state the expiry date of Fallows’ Red Bull contract, but did say he won’t be leaving for at least another two years.

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