Aston Martin fitting ‘another substantial update’ at Silverstone

Henry Valantine
Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll. Canada June 2022.

Lance Stroll drives during his home race in Montreal. Canada June 2022.

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack confirmed the team will be bringing a “substantial update” with them to their home race at Silverstone.

Aston Martin have already radically changed the AMR22 from its original incarnation at the start of the season, with “half a new car” coming with them to Barcelona back in May – immediately drawing comparisons to the Red Bull RB18, though the championship leaders dropped their protests against Aston’s new design.

Aston Martin showed a pace improvement in Canada in practice, though that did not translate into qualifying – with Sebastian Vettel left confused and enraged that he and Lance Stroll were both knocked out in Q1.

Stroll made the biggest jump up the field in the race however, earning a point at his home race.

Krack said earlier in the year that the team would look to bring some kind of upgrade with them to every race this season, but a bigger one is set to come next weekend, just up the road from their factory.

“We bring steps all the time, but major ones are a bit differently [managed],” Krack said, as per The Race. “For Silverstone, we will have another substantial update. But I think most of the teams will have.

“So, it’s also a matter of who brings how much and how effective it will be. But we’re quite confident, we made a good step.

“And the next step will also be good. So the target has to be to really get in front of this midfield so that you can start from the points [positions].”

Aston Martin’s improved speed of late has pulled them closer to the congested midfield fight, and the team boss added that any working upgrades can catapult them further up the pecking order – and will continue to focus on improving their current car.

“I mean, you have to look at how tight the midfield is,” Krack said. “You don’t need a big step to make a lot of positions.

“This was a little bit different in the past. You had really your positions and there was a big difference between cars.

“If you manage to be in front of that [midfield] group, the points that you score are much more than if you lack these two or three tenths that you need for it.

“So, that’s also why we cannot just say ‘we look at the new [2023] car’. We have to get to the front of this group, and then it is easier to fight for points because we cannot end a year where we started it.”