Aston Martin boss hits out at ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unfair’ comment made about Lance Stroll

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Lando Norris, Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso in a Turn 1 crash with Lewis Hamilton

Lando Norris, Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso in a Turn 1 crash with Lewis Hamilton

Not only has Mike Krack denied that Aston Martin protect Lance Stroll no matter what, he says the criticism the Canadian faces from outside the team is “unfair”.

Lance Stroll is arguably the most secure driver on the F1 grid after Krack admitted the Aston Martin F1 team’s “whole project has always been around” Stroll, whose father Lawrence owns the team.

Lance Stroll ‘doesn’t just fly in and get into the racing car’

He made that comment just days before Stroll rear-ended Daniel Ricciardo behind a Safety Car at the Chinese Grand Prix which raised eyebrows in the paddock as, despite the stewards and just about everyone else declaring it was Stroll’s fault, Krack defended his driver.

Krack wasn’t happy about Stroll’s time penalty for the race nor penalty points, calling them “harsh” and telling a journalist “you seem to have that kind of feeling as well” when asked if his drivers were ‘easy targets’ for the stewards.

His staunch defence of the driver perplexed many in the paddock, after all, Stroll rear-ended someone – and behind a Safety Car.

It begs the question, is Stroll protected from criticism by the team?

“No, not at all,” Krack insisted to Auto Motor und Sport. “Criticism happens. But like with Fernando, we don’t voice the criticism in public.

“The Lance we know in the team is a different Lance than the one that may exist in the public eye. That’s one of the reasons why we have to stand up for him when criticism comes from the outside.”

He refuted speculation that Stroll is just there for the glory moments.

“He is a very hard worker,” Krack said. “He doesn’t just fly in and get into the racing car, as would be the cliche.”

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As for the perception that behind the top four teams, the rest of the field are fighting Stroll for the final point on a Grand Prix Sunday, Krack called that “disrespectful” and “unfair”.

He believes his driver is better than that, although concedes consistency is needed.

“That is disrespectful in my opinion,” he said. “And unfair, too.

“If you look at his development in recent years, he handled the duel with Sebastian (Vettel) well. He has also done well against Fernando.

“We do still need to get a bit more consistency. We need to work on that. But I find that statement disrespectful, even if in an environment like Formula 1, I can understand it.

Stroll will also be in the car next season despite the occasional rumour that he could be ousted or walk away.

“All speculation,” said Krack.

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