Upgrades for Stroll but not Vettel in Spain – report

Jon Wilde
Lance Stroll leads Aston Martin team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Miami May 2022.

Lance Stroll leads his Aston Martin team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Miami May 2022.

Lance Stroll and not Sebastian Vettel is likely to receive the major Aston Martin upgrades at the Spanish Grand Prix, according to a report.

Aston Martin hope to make considerable improvements to the AMR22, which has scored only six points in the season’s first five races.

Reports have suggested the upgrades could even amount to “half a new car” and will be “very visible” in round six at Barcelona, taking up a fair chunk of budget.

But F1-Insider claim Stroll, son of team owner Lawrence, “would probably get the new parts – and not Vettel”, with the four-time former World Champion having to run the previous spec in order to provide the comparative data by which the upgrades can be evaluated.

Only one set is said to be available due to issues in the supply chain which are affecting the automotive industry globally.

PlanetF1 has approached Aston Martin for comment on this report.

Team principal Mike Krack gave an indication at the last race in Miami about the areas where Aston Martin need to focus.

“We have three points we have to work on,” said Krack. “The biggest and most important point is aero, the second is the weight of the car and the third is how can we give better feedback to the drivers in terms of steering and chassis?”

“That’s why there were so many incidents in the last races. Our drivers crashed a lot, that’s not normal. We need to give the drivers a better feeling in the car to get more out of it.”

Regarding how Aston Martin want to keep developing their car, Krack added: “We want to bring an update to every race. Sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. For us, it’s important to make continuous progress.

“I think in a few races we will be in better shape. But it would be silly to say ‘this will happen at race X or race Y’. Even if you bring new parts, you have to understand them first.”


Aston Martin’s technical director Andy Green had said at the AMR22’s launch they had left themselves room for manoeuvre within the car’s design if necessary.

“We quickly realised there are several possible solutions for the sidepods alone,” said Green. “That’s why we designed the car in such a way that we don’t find ourselves in a development cul-de-sac here. If we notice we are wrong with a solution, we can react.”


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