Aston Martin will launch the ‘real’ AMR22

Jamie Woodhouse
The 2021 Aston Martin covered with a Union Jack. Silverstone February 2021.

Aston Martin tease the launch of their 2021 car, ahead of their arrival in Formula 1. February 2021. Photo credit: Aston Martin F1

Aston Martin are going to launch their real race car on February 10, rather than the livery on a 2022 show car.

2022 launch season is without doubt one of the most exciting for many years, since Formula 1 has introduced sweeping regulation changes for the upcoming campaign.

With a focus on bunching up the pack, allowing cars to follow more closely and increasing overtaking opportunities, the cars are set to look far different to their 2021 predecessors.

In theory then, the launches are when we should see our first sightings of these new challengers, but so far that has not exactly been the case.

Haas and Red Bull were the first two teams to hold their 2022 ‘launch’ events, but Haas confirmed that it was a livery and design reveal on a 2022 model car, while Red Bull said that their RB18 which hits the track will look different to the spec which appeared at their launch.

Of course, such an approach is completely understandable heading into a brand new regulatory era, as teams look to shield any innovations which they have come up with that could give them the advantage over competitors.

But Aston Martin are not going to be playing around. When they reveal their new challenger, the AMR22, on February 10, they are going to show us the real thing.

In a tweet, Aston Martin F1 communications chief Matt Bishop wrote: “The stage is set, I’ve cropped out my pic, the AMR22, it’s sitting under the camera gantry ready for our launch and unveil.

“Oh and yes, we’ll be launching and unveiling our real race car.”


UK viewers will be able to watch the launch live on Sky Sports F1 from 2pm, while Aston Martin will be streaming the launch across their YouTube, TikTok and Facebook pages, as well as their website.

Aston Martin have retained the same driver line-up of four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll for the 2022 season.


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