Christian Horner and Ayao Komatsu receive special invite with shared interest revealed

Henry Valantine
Christian Horner and Ayao Komatsu.

The Red Bull and Haas team bosses have one big shared interest away from Formula 1.

It turns out Christian Horner and new Haas team principal Ayao Komatsu both share a love of the same football team, and they have been invited as special guests to a game.

Horner has long been known to follow Coventry City, and speaking to Sky Sports recently, Komatsu revealed that he too has been following the Sky Blues since way back in 1995.

The club themselves have spotted this, and Komatsu has now been invited as a special guest to one of their upcoming matches – and he can bring Horner along too, if he so wishes.

Christian Horner and Ayao Komatsu’s shared love of Coventry City picked up by Sky Blues

Sitting down with Sky F1, Komatsu revealed that he has been a Coventry supporter for coming up to 30 years, at which point Sky’s Craig Slater responded: “You do know Christian Horner also supports Coventry?”

Komatsu replied almost agog and with a laugh: “No way, I had no idea!”

When it was put to him that the pair could go to games together, he added: “If he’s up for it, yeah!”

This short clip caught the attention of the Championship side themselves, who took to X [formerly Twitter] and tagged both Red Bull and Haas, responding with: “Looks like your man Christian has some competition to see who is the bigger City fan, @RedBullRacing! 🩵

“Thank you for your support, Ayao! Hopefully we’ll see you and @HaasF1Team at the @CBSArena soon.” recommends

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This was accompanied by a clip from one of Coventry’s players, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, who sent his compatriot Komatsu a video message to invite him to a game as a special guest.

Speaking in Japanese and addressing the Haas team boss directly, Sakamoto said: “Hi Ayao, it’s Tatsuhiro Sakamoto here from Coventry City FC.

“Firstly, congratulations on becoming team principal for Haas F1! I have heard that you are supporting Coventry City and I am very happy about that.

“I know that you will be very busy now but, when you have a free weekend, I would like you to be my guest here at the Arena for a City home match – and you can even bring Christian Horner along with you, if you would like!”

We wonder if Christian’s invite will get lost in the post…

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