Ayrton Senna’s iconic Honda on the market for eye-watering price

Henry Valantine
Ayrton Senna washes his Honda NSX.

This Honda NSX owned by Ayrton Senna is now up for sale. Photo credit: Norio Koike.

A Honda NSX that once belonged to Ayrton Senna is now available for sale for the handsome sum of £500,000 to one lucky buyer.

The 1991 model in red, one of three NSX cars that Senna owned, has been listed by UK automotive website Auto Trader as the car has been made available for sale for the first time in over a decade.

Iconic Ayrton Senna car up for sale for £500,000

The NSX is listed as having 39,100 miles on the clock, but beyond its obvious appeal through its value because of its famous owner, there is photographic proof of this through multiple photos of Senna with it over time.

To commemorate 25 years since his tragic death at Imola, the car’s current owner, Robert McFagan, allowed the NSX to be brought to the circuit and driven in a demonstration run by former eponymous F1 team owner Gian Carlo Minardi in front of a full grandstand of Senna fans.

Only a few examples of the 1991 NSX in red still exist to this day, but Senna’s truly is one of a kind – with his other two models having been in black.

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Honda NSX owned by Ayrton Senna.
The Honda NSX formerly owned by Ayrton Senna is driven at Imola. Credit: @senna_unofficial

With the car being put up for sale, McFagan said: “I first bought the car in 2013 during a trip to the Algarve in Portugal and have owned it ever since where it has sat proudly at my estate in East Sussex.

“Senna’s red NSX was given to him by Honda who he had a commercial partnership with and Senna frequently used and was photographed with the car during his stays in Portugal.

“Being a huge Senna fan myself, I was delighted when I was able to get my hands on the NSX which was crafted to perfection and features a sleek and powerful machine to give an incredible experience on the road.

“It’s been a real pleasure owning what is one of the most famous cars belonging to a true sporting legend and the thrill of driving Senna’s car never goes away.”

It is a matter of days until 30 years will have passed since Senna’s tragic passing at Imola, with circuit officials having confirmed plans are in the works to commemorate the lives of the three-time World Champion and fellow driver Roland Ratzenberger, who both lost their lives on the same weekend in 1994.

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