Bernie Ecclestone reveals what he misses the most about owning F1

Mark Scott
Bernie Ecclestone shows Christian Horner his phone at the Brazil GP

Bernie Ecclestone: Speaking with Christian Horner at the Brazil GP

Bernie Ecclestone has opened up on what he misses most about F1 and, perhaps most notably, it is not the actual F1 races themselves.

Ecclestone has been watching F1 from the sidelines since January 2017 after he was removed from his position of chief executive following Liberty Media’s takeover of the sport in late 2016.

Since then, the 93-year-old has made occasional visits to races on the F1 calendar but purely through his past relationships with certain circuit owners rather than in any official F1 capacity.

Bernie Ecclestone is all about business

In a recent interview with Dutch outlet NOS, Ecclestone was typically straight to the point about what he misses most about F1 having been in charge for over four decades.

“I miss the business part,” he said.

“Not necessarily the races themselves, I often only stayed until halfway. I was never there until the end of the race.” recommended reading

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Bernie Ecclestone torn over current F1 product

Ecclestone was also asked about his thoughts on the growth F1 has experienced following his handing over of the reins and, while seemingly pleased that F1 has broke through into other major markets, he does feel the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is perhaps a step too far.

“I am happy that the sport continues to develop around the world. I am the one who took Formula 1 out of Europe and brought it to the rest of the world. We are competing for a World Championship, not a European Championship.

“It is good that it stays that way.

On the Las Vegas Grand Prix, he simply added: “I’m not really looking forward to it. Why not? It has nothing to do with Formula 1.”

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