Binotto: This is not the time for blame game

Mark Scott


Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto refused to attribute blame to anyone following a costly collision between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Ferrari’s troubles continued at the Red Bull Ring and not just because of the lack of performance. Leclerc tried an incredibly ambitious move on Vettel on the opening lap, only to flip up off the kerb and severely damage Vettel’s rear wing in the process.

Leclerc, who also had to retire due to the damage on his car, apologised immediately for the accident and call himself an a**hole in the process. Vettel, meanwhile, has said he was not expecting Leclerc to make such a move.

But whilst it is clear to everyone, including Leclerc himself, who was to blame for the crash, Binotto had his diplomatic hat on.

“I don’t think there is much to say to the drivers,” Binotto told Sky Sports F1.

“It’s somehow a pain to conclude a race in such a way after only two laps. I think it’s the worst conclusion on a very bad weekend somehow, so a difficult weekend for us.

“I think it’s not time to look for responsibility or accuse, it’s time to work united. Back home we’ve got the right people to progress as soon as possible.”

Ferrari had been hoping for a marked improvement at the second race in Austria with their new, fast-tracked upgrade packaged but head to Hungary with just 19 points on the Constructors’ scoreboard.

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