‘Bold and aggressive’ AMR23 has more going on than just the Red Bull-esque sidepods

Michelle Foster
Aston Martin AMR23 side shot.

Side-angle view of the Aston Martin AMR23.

With a touch of Red Bull for the sidepods and a sweep of Mercedes at the rear, Aston Martin technical director Dan Fallows has called the new AMR23 “bold and aggressive”.

The former Red Bull aero chief spoke to the media as Lance Stroll and his new team-mate Fernando Alonso unveiled their 2023 car.

It was notably different to last year’s AMR22.

The car features a new sidepod design, heavily revised front wing and a different engine cover that comes with a larger roll hoop inlet.

“We went into this year trying to be bold and aggressive, to try to take on the lessons from last year,” declared Fallows.

“We want to move up the grid and start challenging the teams at the front – and you can’t do that by sitting back and being conservative.”

Pundits were quick to note that the AMR23 has been influenced by Red Bull’s championship-winning RB18, Fallows having joined Aston Martin in April last season after parting ways with Red Bull.

The sidepods of the AMR23 feature undercut flow lines while also carrying the same laid-back radiator inlet of Red Bull.

Fallows, though, says that’s not the only major change with this year’s car.

“The sideboards are quite a big area of difference,” he told the media including PlanetF1.com.

“I wouldn’t say that’s been our majority focus, I think there are improvements and changes throughout the whole car.

“There’s obviously quite a lot that you can’t see, underneath the skin there’s quite substantial engineering improvements to a lot of the mechanical components as well as the aerodynamics.

“There’s obviously a lot of other aspects of the aerodynamics, which I’m rather hoping you can’t see as well – just yet.

“So while the sidepods are an obvious thing from a visual point of view, that’s one of the areas that we’ve worked on.

“But I think it does demonstrate the sort of quite aggressive approach we’ve taken to this development of this car.”

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But while the AMR23’s sidepods bear a resemblance to Red Bull’s, other aspects of the car are designed with Mercedes in mind as Aston Martin are not only powered by Mercedes, but also use the Brackley team’s gearbox casing.

Fallows denied that was a “handicap” for Aston Martin.

‘We’re very fortunate to have a partnership with Mercedes and to be able to use their expertise in our car,” Fallows said.

“Honestly it hasn’t been a handicap for us at all having their parts. It’s been a big boost for us.

“They clearly do their own development. Wwe have to be able to put our aerodynamic surfaces on their rear suspension as well so it’s not entirely theirs from a from an aerodynamic point of view.

“So no, honestly, I don’t think it’s a handicap for us at all.”