Lewis Hamilton reveals more on exact role in new Brad Pitt F1 movie

Henry Valantine
The Brad Pitt F1 movie filmed at Silverstone last year.

Brad Pitt is starring as fictional driver 'Sonny Hayes' in a Formula 1-based film, directed by Joseph Kosinski.

Lewis Hamilton has explained his role in the upcoming Brad Pitt F1 movie, which is in part to “try to call BS” on anything that he feels is not “authentic” to Formula 1.

Hamilton is listed on multiple websites as a member of the cast in the film, potentially in a cameo role, but he explained that his role with the as-yet-unnamed movie is to ensure the representation of the sport is as true to life as possible.

Brad Pitt F1 movie: Lewis Hamilton reveals more on his role

What is already confirmed is that Pitt, who is also a producer on the film, stars as fictional driver ‘Sonny Hayes’, who comes out of retirement to partner with young driver ‘Joshua Pearce’, played by British actor Damson Idris.

Javier Bardem is also slated to star as the team owner for ‘APXGP’, the fictional 11th team that was seen on the grid at last year’s British Grand Prix taking part in filming.

Pitt himself was seen filming while driving a modified Formula 2 car around Silverstone, and Hamilton explained that he wants the movie to be able to cater to Formula 1 fans both old and new by making it as close to the reality of the sport as it can be.

“My point was: Guys, this movie needs to be so authentic,” he emphasised to GQ Magazine.

“There’s two different fan groups that we have – like, the old originals, who from the day they’re born hear the [BBC] Grand Prix music every weekend and watch with their families, and the new generation that just learned about it today through Netflix.

“I felt my job really has been to try to call BS. ‘This would never happen.’ ‘This is how it would be.’ ‘This is how it could happen.’ Just giving them advice about what racing is really about and what, as a racing fan, would appeal and what would not.”

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When asked for one of his coolest experiences about making the film so far, Hamilton responded with: “Being at Silverstone and just finding out that Brad [Pitt] is actually a racer at heart. He’s genuinely got the abilities, the skills.

“I think he’s always loved bikes. And so he’s watched a lot of motor racing. When I was younger, I worked at a driving school to help pay my bills, just getting around to these races and stuff.

“Companies would come with 70 people. And they’re on the wrong side of the road – they’re on the inside line driving towards an apex of a turn. Just no knowledge. Brad knew what part of the track to be on.”

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