The hilarious moment that Pirelli actor for Brad Pitt film fooled real-life employee

Max Verstappen shakes hands with Brad Pitt. Britain July 2023

Max Verstappen shakes hands with Brad Pitt on the Silverstone grid with Damson Idris standing between them. Britain July 2023

A Pirelli double was perhaps a little too convincing when a member of the actual Pirelli team mistook him for a colleague.

The team behind Brad Pitt’s upcoming Formula 1 based movie have left no stone unturned in their effort to make the film seem as realistic as possible.

With their own hospitality base, garage and pit wall set-up at Silverstone, even the staff were perhaps a little too realistic.

Pirelli extra fools even the own team

As part of their effort to provide realism, the movie team have hired extras to represent every member of an actual paddock, including the Pirelli representatives who check in on the team’s tyres over the weekend.

Speaking after the Silverstone race, Sky’s Bernie Collins revealed that an extra in Pirelli uniform had been mistaken for an actual staff member by another Pirelli representative.

“There was a lovely little moment that I witnessed over the weekend,” she told the Sky Sports F1 podcast. “There’s a little seating area there that you can just sit in and as I sat there, the actor in the movie who’s playing the Pirelli guy walked through the paddock, while another Pirelli guy came in the opposite direction, a genuine Pirelli representative.

“And they just had a little nod at each other because the guy looks so genuine, that he just assumed that he worked for Pirelli that weekend. He was someone that had not seen before, didn’t know or whatever.

“I saw the actor and as he walked past he giggled to himself, almost going ‘they probably don’t know whether I’m real or not real anymore.’” recommends

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Such was the disguise of the extra, Collins reckoned he could have scored himself some free food and drink had he dared.

“I’d imagine if he was walking into the hospitality, he probably got away with it!

“It was just really interesting to see that they’ve covered it to that level of detail. That actually people in the paddock are assuming it’s just a different Pirelli guy for the weekend.”

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