‘Alonso’s predictable comment is right’

Bratches: Fernando Alonso's predictable comment is 'right'

Bratches: Fernando Alonso's predictable comment is 'right'

Fernando Alonso is “right” when he complains that F1 is too predictable; that’s according to F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches.

Alonso has opted to walk away from Formula 1 at the end of this season, citing his disappointment in today’s sport.

“I stopped because the action on track, in my opinion, is very poor. In fact, what we talk about more in F1, is off-track,” he said.

“We talk about polemics, we talk about radio messages, we talk about all these things, and when we talk so many times about those things, it is a bad sign.”

He added that there are “other series that maybe offer better action, more joy and more happiness.”

However, rather than chastise the Spaniard for his criticism, Liberty Media‘s Bratches says it is a fair assessment and something F1’s owners are looking to sort out.

“There is an opportunity for Formula One to be less predictable and I think its important that we get there,” Reuters quotes Bratches as saying.

“Since 2015, only three teams have won a grand prix. So it is pretty predictable.

“So I think he’s right and we have a plan too fix it.

“I wish he was around for another 10 years to be part of that.

“He’s been such a phenomenal ambassador for the sport, such a hero and a legend.”

He added: “I hope we can engage him to be an ambassador for this great sport of ours going forward.”

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