Brawn reveals Liberty’s 2021 concept car

Brawn reveals Liberty's 2021 concept car

Brawn reveals Liberty's 2021 concept car

An image of what sporting boss Ross Brawn believes the Formula 1 cars could look like in 2021 has been leaked on social media.

Liberty Media are currently in talks with the Formula 1 teams and the FIA regarding new regulations for 2021.

Formula 1’s owners have stated they want the cars to be “more raceable to increase overtaking opportunities” and for driver’s skill to be “the predominant factor in the performance of the car.”

There is, however, much debate over how to achieve that.

Earlier this week, Brawn and Pirelli racing boss Mario Isola spoke to fans during a Tech Talk in which the F1 sporting boss revealed a concept car for 2021.

The car not only features 18-inch wheels, which F1 is planning on racing from 2021 onward, but a simpler overall design.

Front wing design feature less complicated endplates and wing elements while sidepods have been made simpler.

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