Brawn wanted ‘more ambitious’ engine rules

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn has revealed he wanted F1 to be a “a bit more ambitious” when it came to the proposed engine regulations for 2021.

When Liberty Media first put forward their proposal a year ago, they spoke of cheaper and less sophisticated engines.

F1’s owners added that they wanted louder engines and more power.

Instead today’s proposal is a watered down version of that which includes hardly any changes to the engine regulations.

“In that case I was perhaps a bit more ambitious in terms of the changes that could have been made,” Brawn, F1’s sporting boss, told Autosport.

“But when the arguments were presented they were well presented, the models were well presented, and the examples were given.

“I think we will have cheaper, simpler, louder, it’s just a question of degree.

“There’s a very strong argument that we have four reasonably settled suppliers in F1.

“Whilst there’s people looking at coming in, they weren’t as committed, so therefore let’s consolidate what we have.

“The MGU-H was a big thing. I think if a manufacturer is coming in or not coming in just because it had or hasn’t got an MGU-H it seems a bit fickle.”

Brawn, though, says Liberty Media had to back down as they could not risk losing one of F1’s four engine manufacturers given that no one new signed up for the series.

He added: “The engine is a tricky one, more so perhaps than the car you’re sensitive to outside suppliers, you’re sensitive to engine suppliers.

“We don’t want to lose a team, but if we lose a team then hopefully F1 is attractive enough to find replacements.

“If we lose an engine then anyone stepping in has a massive programme to step in and fill their place. And if we lose an engine it impacts two or three teams. I think it was correct to push hard to see where we can get to.

“There will be some changes that you’ll see – we’re not going to talk about them now – which will come out in the next few months which I think definitely are strongly in the right direction.”

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