Canadian Grand Prix weather: Latest forecast for qualifying after wet start

Michelle Foster
Dark, gloomy and wet at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Dark, gloomy and wet at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Dodging rain showers on Friday, even hail before FP1, the good news is Formula 1 can expect better weather conditions on Saturday although it will still rain.

Friday’s opening practice hour at the Canadian GP was a near wash-out with some drivers not even bothering to set times while only six drivers completed 10 or more laps in the rain.

More rain forecast for qualifying in Montreal

Lando Norris was quickest with a 1:24.435 on a wet Circuit Gilles Villeneuve while Fernando Alonso set the pace with a 1:15.810 in FP2 where the drivers had better track conditions.

It, though, was by no means a dry session with the Aston Martin driver later declaring: “I think the right decision can gain you five seconds. The wrong decision, you’re out of the race.

“If the conditions are the same tomorrow, those that are sharp in qualifying and make the right decision on tyres could gain a big advantage and aiming to make the most of that.

“It’s going to be an interesting weekend. It’s going to be a gamble always in which tyre to put in which moment. Let’s see if we get it right.”

What the drivers said after Friday’s running in Montreal

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Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, P4 on Friday, was more optimistic about his chances.

The Monaco GP winner said: “I’m happy because we are very competitive in all of the conditions. We have always been pretty good at having a good starting set-up.”

But he added: “If FP3 and qualy are dry, we will have FP3 to set up the car, if FP3 is wet and qualy is dry, it’s going to go into qualifying with a lot of unknowns for everybody.”

As for what the drivers can expect on Saturday, there is a 40 per cent chance of rain during final practice which increases to 60 per cent in qualifying.

The Met Office has the high at 22’C with a West South Westerly wind with gusts of 32mph.

There’s also a chance of rain in Sunday’s 70-lap Canadian Grand Prix although it would be a lot less than what is forecast for Saturday.

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