Captain Tom backs Hamilton to win seventh title

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton sets up the Hamilton Commission to tackle diversity in motorsport.

British fundraising hero Captain Tom Moore believes Lewis Hamilton will win a seventh Formula 1 World Championship.

Captain Tom Moore, who is an avid fan of Formula 1, shot to fame when he raised over £32million for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

His birthday celebration was a grand affair and included a video from Formula 1 which included birthday wishes from the likes of Valtteri Bottas, Christian Horner, Claire Williams, Ross Brawn and Chase Carey.

Hamilton had also been in touch via social media, and Moore has backed the six-time World Champion to take that huge step and match Michael Schumacher’s record of seven titles.

“Of course he can! Never let that be a doubt in your mind – of course he will,” said Moore after he was invited to appear on the Sky F1 Vodcast.

“He hasn’t finished yet, he’s not an old man, he’s still a young man. He can keep going for a long time, it just depends on whether the car can keep ahead as they are now. But there are other cars who are doing the best to catch up and pass Mercedes.”

Lando Norris has struck up quite the connection with Captain Tom and has invited him on a tour of McLaren’s headquarters once the pandemic is over.

Moore and his family have a special allegiance towards McLaren. Jenson Button inspired his son Benji to start watching Formula 1.

Speaking about the invite, Moore said: “That will be lovely. I’m looking forward to that when things are a bit clearer.

“I can remember when McLaren was the winner used to win and win and win. One day I’m sure it will be the same because McLaren are improving all the time.”

And Moore is looking forward to seeing the current Formula 1 cars in action when the season does eventually begin.

“I think if we had started this year, I think it was going to be a good year for us,” he said.

“We’ve got drivers coming along who I think are going to push some of the older hands off the market.”

Moore’s love for racing dates well back before Formula 1 even existed, but for him the danger of racing wasn’t what engaged him – after all, as a Yorkshireman seeing the damage and how much it would cost to fix was never good.

“I started before Formula 1. I started when it was the Grand Prix,” he explained.

“And all these names of Formula 1 and Formula 2, that was new when I started watching car racing.

“With Formula 1, my first occasion would be at Silverstone, which is quite a few years ago before Silverstone was as big as it is now. It really is now a super course.

“To me [the danger] was not what car racing was about.

“Car racing was to go as fast and to win – not to damage yourself or your car. And, being a Yorkshireman, I saw cars being damaged and thought ‘oh, that’s going to cost a lot of money to put that right!'”

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