Carey brands his own series too ‘complicated’

Jamie Woodhouse
Chase Carey says rescheduling the Chinese GP will be "challenging".

Chase Carey says rescheduling the Chinese GP will be "challenging".

Chase Carey, CEO of the Formula One Group, has criticised the FIA for making the series too “complicated” for fans with their rules.

The regulations set by the FIA cover all areas of the sport from technical and financial standpoints, but as time has gone on and technology has developed, those rules have become more complicated.

These complex rules have been enforced with an iron fist at several stages this year – Renault were disqualified from the Japanese GP results for using an automatically adjusting brake bias system on both cars, while Ferrari suffered a dip in performance from Austin after a series of technical directives were issued relating to engine rules.

Understandably then it does become difficult at times for fans to follow the rules and who is flaunting them, so Carey believes it’s time that the FIA simplify their rule book.

“We have got too many complicated penalties and rules,” said Carey at a recent investor conference as quoted by The Independent.

“We have got a 100-page regulation book. We have got to get the business to a place where it is easier to follow and has fewer complexities that fans out there really can’t follow.

“It will always be a complicated sport that is a marriage of sporting competition and technology but we need to make it something that is more in line with what the fans want to see and what excites and energises them.”

Regulations have played a part in determining race results this season, most notably when Sebastian Vettel was stripped of victory at the Canadian GP for going off the track and being judged to have impeded Lewis Hamilton when re-joining.

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